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Exclusive Interview With Gary Ryan Blair
You get everything you need for crushing your goals...becoming debt free...skyrocketing your sales and income...and transform your life and career in 100 days!
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Contrary to popular belief it's not what you know or even who know that matters most in life. The #1 skill that ultimately determines your destiny is your ability to execute and drive results.

I believe that you’re only as good as your systems and attribute my success to a proven goal setting and execution framework which I have built and refined over the course of my career.

Not only has the 100 Day Challenge helped me to experience exponential growth…it has also delivered jaw-dropping results for more than 530,000 people in over 80 countries around the world, to include some of the best companies in the world.


"I would encourage anyone who is looking to accelerate their goals to participate in Gary Ryan Blair's 100 Day Challenge."


"Paying attention to the small stuff makes a huge difference. Everything Counts! provides a simple, transparent, and powerful execution strategy that works. I highly recommend it!"


"Follow Gary Ryan Blair's advice for the next 100 days and you'll transform all areas of your life and career. I give the 100 Day Challenge my highest recommendation."
 For a LIMITED time get everything for $500 $300 $177 ---> $127 (use OSP group code "OSP50" on checkout page.  This is a special OSP 2.0 member's ONLY discounted price.
30 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee.
Here's What You Get with the 100 Day Challenge
The 100 Day Challenge does not mess around. These lessons are direct, intense and actionable...because if you want extreme've got to go to the extreme.

We want you taking action and winning all day long...and we want you to have easy 24/7 access to reinforce the challenge lesson while you drive, walk, jog or bike.

With this daily implementation plan, we’ve done all the “heavy lifting” for you. It includes 100 implementation strategies for getting maximum gain with minimum effort.

Forget everything you know about goal setting as this crash course is like getting an MBA on what it takes to inspire excellence and drive results—fast.

An esthetically beautiful email will great you each day for the next 100 days. It will lead you to your new lesson and strategy for crushing your goals.

Each day requires a game plan, deadlines and accountability. This daily discipline will keep you focused and progressively moving forward.

Inspire and be inspired by high-performers from all over the world. You'll connect with other members, create friendships and enjoy rich conversations with fellow challengers.

Once you get your'll immediately have access to a private VIP hangout for high achievers. These are people who are making big things happen in the world.

Your life changes the moment you set and commit to a big challenging goal. These forms will help you navigate your way to a bigger, bolder future.

Most people spend their lives playing addition...but the 100 Day Challenge is a game of multiplication. You'll learn proven strategies for making large performance gains.

AAR‘s are weekly measurement tools aimed squarely at driving a persistent improvement in skill, knowledge, accountability and overall results.

Free access to a weekly training call led by Gary Ryan Blair. You'll get motivation, coaching and new insights on what it takes to live large.

Make your phone, desktop and tablet come to life with these 100 stunning images and motivational messages...all designed to get your mojo working.

The 100 Day Challenge is more than just driving's also about demonstrating excellence, character, integrity, and every noble virtue and best practice.

A free resource for getting your daily fix of the 100 Day Challenge. The app provides quick and easy access to the world's best goal setting program.

The purpose of setting a goal is to achieve it. We won't let you lose focus and have devised a series of diabolical tools to keep your eye on the prize.
PLUS These Bonuses:
This is Gary Ryan Blair's vault consisting of white papers, special reports, articles and mind-expanding manifestos. Packed with proven secrets and advanced strategies.

The goal of the 100 Day Challenge is not to just get you to another level...but to an entirely different orbit. You'll learn exactly how to make progress in large jumps.

A powerful series of 65 time-released brain bombs that challenge you to step it up and take massive action. Fire them up when you need that blast of motivation. A great value added resource.

It takes one set of skills to acquire a goal...and a much different set to maintain possession over the long haul. You'll wish you learned this strategy much earlier in life.

Your "WHY" is your psychological's the motivation, burning desire, and passionate fire that gets you to take action on your goals. This will ignite an inferno of heat and unleash your greatness.
 For a LIMITED time get everything for $500 $300 $177 ---> $127 (use OSP group code "OSP50" on checkout page.  This is a special OSP 2.0 member's ONLY discounted price.
30 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee.
2019 Can Be Your Best Year Ever!
What Current Members Are Saying:
“Gary, I can’t tell you how important your program has been in the progress I have made in my life. I paid off the $192,000 mortgage balance and today I am debt free. The 100 Day Challenge was a life changer and I’ll be forever grateful for what I’ve learned. it really has changed my life!” 

Michael Wilcox


“Gary, my name is Patrick Tang and I writing with a grateful heart. Having just completed your 100 Day Challenge, I wanted to tell you about what I have been able to accomplish with the hope that it will inspire others.

My team and I all took the program together and took every lesson seriously. Every morning meeting was met with bigger and bolder targets. We hit 92 out of 100 sales targets and as a result increased sales 10X.

I will be reaching out soon with an invite to speak in Malaysia. Your program changes lives and I want to introduce your teachings to as many people as possible.”

Patrick Tang


“Thank You Gary Ryan Blair for your amazing 100 Day Challenge. I’m proud to celebrate the fact that I lost 35 pounds and brought my blood pressure down to normal ranges. I am now off all meds and have also completed the first draft of my book.

There have been a good number of other wins, but just wanted to say thank you for the impact you have made in my life. I feel great and my wife says that I look 15 years younger.”

John Reinhardt


“Once I got serious about my sales goals and made the commitment to do the 100 Day Challenge, everything changed.

I always had a goal of $100,000/month sales of Office Supplies. I was struggling in the 70-85K range for over half of 2018. I put a sticky note on my laptop that said, GOAL $100,000 and then took off running. In 30 days, I was already at $105,000. Then I remember Gary saying to now bump that number up and increase your goal by 25%! 

My co-workers thought I was CRAZY, and once again I put another sticky note on top of my computer that said, GOAL $125,000. I did it, I sold $125,015. 

I’m now setting even higher targets largely to what I learned from the 100 Day Challenge. 

Gary your program changed my life and I can’t thank you enough!” 

Mike Schrim


“I’m a female firefighter working in a male dominated environment. It’s important that I’m able to compete with the big boys, and for the last year that has not been the case. I took the 100 Day Challenge because I needed a big challenge.

Not only did I need to gain strength through working out, but I also needed to lose the extra pounds that was slowing me down. Through the 100 Day Challenge, I lost 25lbs, became physically stronger and my confidence has gone through the roof.

Worth every penny!”

Sandra Young


“As a result of participating in the 100 Day Challenge, I not only achieved my goal of losing 38 lbs., I was able to do it 15 days earlier than expected. I’m now back at the same weight I was in High School and feeling and look 10 years younger.” 

Mike Dorsey


“Real thanks to you Gary for creating this wonderful program. Your daily encouragement and constant call to massive action really paid off.

My biggest goal of becoming a Sales Director was achieved in just 78 days. Not only has my income increased by more than 300% but I’ll be driving a brand-new car at the upcoming convention.

I can’t begin to thank you enough for everything you have done for me, my team and my family!”

Nicole O


“Gary, a million thanks for the wonderful gift of 100DayChallenge from God to the world through you. I joined the 100 Day Challenge on 01/12/2016 and since then I have religiously enrolled and completed every lesson and I do not plan to stop any sooner. Here are some of the many results I have received since participating in your wonderful program.

1. I have completed writing my Lifetime Goals that I had taken 16 years and hadn’t reached half way!

2. I registered 150 Business Companies and running 18 Websites and counting which you can confirm at

3. I am building my own City called Kingdom City on 4,000 Acres of land approved by the Government of Uganda with International Airport, 30 Hotels, 25 Industries, 7 Soccer Stadiums and every amenity one can find in a City. Kingdom City is the biggest project in Uganda since the world began.

4. I have registered the first STEM University (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) in Africa and about to begin Constructing it on 800 acres of land that I own debt free

5. I am building the first Christian Soccer Stadium in Kampala (Capital City of Uganda) seating 50,000 people with Hotel, Hospital, Shopping Mall and more

6. Currently we are running the first Christian Talent Show in Uganda known as The Preacher

I am planning to invite the man who has challenged my life second to Jesus… Garry Ryan Blair to Uganda for the launch of one of my big projects in the near future.

I preach your messages from the lesson everywhere in Universities, Parliaments, Churches and Youth Camps around the World. I have all your Sunday Night Wisdom Lessons and I wait for it every Sunday night. Things are moving and manifesting. 

Thank you so much for bringing my great vision to life.”

Bishop Julius Peter Oyet


“The 100 Day Challenge has given me the confidence to move forward with a big dream and make it a reality. My wife suddenly passed away 14 months ago, and I spent the better part of 6 months in deep depression.

A friend told me all about the wonderful things he had learned and encouraged me to participate. Gary, I’m so glad I did, as I’m writing this message to you from a satellite phone atop of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Just wanted to say hello and let you know how much your program impacted me. It really saved my life.”

Dr Neeraj Sharma


“I took the 100 Day Challenge with the intent to finish the year strong. Happy to report that the mission was accomplished as I was able to close a significant gap and came in at 178% of quota and picked up a sweet bonus. 

However, the bigger win is that I learned so many things about becoming a better human being and will be passing along your wonderful ideas and strategies to my two young daughters. Gary, you’re the man!”

Sylvania Farrord


“Start Fast Finish Strong has become our motto at all of my dealerships and it has helped us totally annihilate the first quarter which is usually our slowest quarter.

March in all four departments was a record month, our biggest month since 1994 when we opened. That was one of our Big Bang Goals and we nailed it. The 100 Day Challenge has been the catalyst for driving these results and inspiring us to raise the bar across the entire business.”

Peter Panagakis


“I signed up for the 100 Day Challenge to finish the year strong and happy to report that through the strategies and encouragement along with a good deal of hard work that I far exceed my sales quota and and tripled my sales. Thank you as my bonus is going towards putting in a new pool that I promised my family.” 

Howard Boyd


“Got Goals? You bet I do, and the lessons learned in the 100 Day Challenge motivated my friends and I to make the impossible possible. We scaled Mount Everest and here’s the picture and t-shirt to prove it. Gary, I love this program and love waking up every day in anticipation for what new ideas you have to share!” 

Gerri Kier
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